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Designed for a close shave with minimal pressure and irritation.

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Wet/Dry design so you can shave in the shower or with lather

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No irritation or razor burn, comfortable shave

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Long battery life, can run for 2 weeks on a single charge

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Comfortable ergonomic grip and attractive exterior design

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Smooth clean shave, just like a traditional razor

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Turbo charge feature allows the the shaver to have sufficient power for a shave with under 3 minutes of charging

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Cannot be used whilst plugged in, contrary to many electric shavers

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The Philips SensoTouch 1150X is an electric shaver that uses a GyroFlex 2D system that curves to the user’s face, meaning it can better slice through really short stubble. Designed for a close shave with minimal pressure and irritation, the 1150X uses a DualPrecision system with dual blades that have slots to shave normal hair, and holes to shave short stubble. Note also that the SensoTouch is built for dry or wet use, as it hosts an Aquatec seal compatible with dry shaves and shaving-gel shaves. Plus the low-friction SkinGlide surface is engineered to slide smoothly along the skin, ensuring a close-cut shave without the user having to dig into their neck. Included also is a bundled precision trimmer for mustache/sideburn trimming.

  • Electric Shaver
  • Seamless Blue Foil Finish
  • Wet/Dry Use
  • GyroFlex 2D Countour
  • DualPrecision Shaving System
  • Patented Super Lift & Cut
  • SkinGlide Shaving Surface
  • Aquatec Seal
  • 1-Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • 14-Day Run Time
  • Quick-Charge Feature
  • RQ11 Replacement Head
  • Slim, Anti-Slip Grip Handle
  • LED Display
  • 2-Level Battery Indicator
  • Included Charging Stand
  • Included Cleaning Brush
  • Included Protection Cup
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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