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The Philips HQ7140 is a mid-cost rechargeable electric shaver.

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Quieter during operation than 5000 series models

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Balanced weight improves comfort and control when shaving over other razors

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Easy and convenient charge cables and holder stay out of the way

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Lighter weight than older Philips models

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Built-up hairs wash away very easily when run under water

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Slightly higher frequency of nicks/abrasion than last-gen models of this brand

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Trimmer underperforms compared to competitors' models

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Lacks a low battery indicator, fairly standard on such models

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The Philips HQ7140 is a mid-cost rechargeable electric shaver. The Precision Cutting system of the HQ7140 shaver cuts close to your skin without being uncomfortable, so that you can easily cut short hairs. The Super Lift and Cut technology of the HQ7140 uses a dual blade system to get a close shave: the first blade lifts the hair and the second blade cuts it. The Reflex Action system conforms to every curve in your shaving area, ensuring a smooth shave. The spring-released, pop-up trimmer of the HQ7140 allows you to groom your sideburns and moustache. This shaver differs from the lower cost HQ7120 model in that it has individually floating heads, which allow you to get exceptional closeness in your shave by aligning the blades to your skin. The Philips HQ7140 electric shaver is washable.

  • Reflex Action system
  • Super Lift and Cut technology
  • Spring-loaded, pop-up trimmer
  • Precision cutting system
  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Rotary design
  • Rechargeable
  • 25 minutes of shaving time from an 8 hour charge 
  • Washable
  • Dual blade system
  • Individually floating heads
Post Review
Morris Johnston
02/20/2012 01:37

Norelco used to be a quality product with heads lasting quite some time. The last head I purchased two week ago pulls and cuts almost as poorly as the one I had been using a year. I think they should be ashamed of such shoddy products.

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