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The Philips 1050X is a cordless electric shaver which uses Philips most advanced shaving technology.

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included precision tube trimmer

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simple, classic styling

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fully pivots 360 degrees for facial contouring

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easy to clean

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up to 65 minutes of shaving after only an hour of charging time

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two models available

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The Philips 1050X is a cordless electric shaver which uses Philips most advanced shaving technology.  Most notably, this shaver features a flex and pivot action which allows the three shaving shaving heads to flex independantly, while the entire shaving unit pivots with a full 360 degree range of motion.  This allows the most surface contact in difficult areas, such as the neck. Each of the three cutting heads use a precision cutting system with a slots for long hairs, and holes for short stubble.  A dual stainless steel blade system gently lifts the hair to cut it below skin level for an extra close shave.  The precision tube trimmer on the side allows gives precise control when contouring facial hear, or trimming a moustache or sideburns. The three shaving heads open outwards to allow easy cleaning by holding them under running water.  It takes 1 hour to charge the Green Li-ion energy cell and gives up 65 minutes of shave time.  Various accessories such as power pod, charging station, power chord, protection cap and cleaning brush are included.  The Philips 1060 and 1090X shavers use all the same technology as the 1050X, but are covered in a different finish with slightly different displays.  The 1050X is the base model, and comes with real carbon fiber side panels.  The battery indicator shows when the battery is low or fully charged, and also has indicators for shaving head replacement or if cleaning is required.  Unlike the other versions however, this shaver can be purchased to include the Jet Clean System which automatically cleans the shaver, or can be bought on its own.


  • Flex and piviot action cutting unit
  • Three cutting heads with precision cutting system
  • Dual blade system
  • Easy cleaning
  • Rechargable Green Li-Ion energy cell
  • Multipurpose Display
  • Charging station
  • Power chord
  • Real carbon fiber side panels
  • Jet Clean System Option
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