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The Philips FlexCare (HX6930) is a high mid-cost rechargeable electric toothbrush.

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Does clean noticeably better than competing electric brushes--teeth feel cleaner for longer.

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Battery is enough to keep you going for about a week of use.

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Adjustable brushing timer that auto shuts off the brush at the designated time.

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Non-replaceable battery means 100% waterproof protection.

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Great selection of accessories (travel charger, home charger, case, additional brush head color code rings).

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Very loud and whiny-sounding when in use.

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Automatically resets brushing timer every time you set it in the charging station.

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product life expectancy is only 2 years.

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The Philips FlexCare (HX6930) is a high mid-cost rechargeable electric toothbrush. As it is part of Philips' FlexCare line, this toothbrush has the FlexCare system of oral care, which allows you to choose a cleaning mode. You can use Max Care when you have lots of time (it takes three minutes) and want to do a full on cleaning, and Go Care (a one minute brushing cycle) when you are in a rush. There are also more specific two minute modes (sensitive, clean, refresh, massage and gum care mode). The ProResults brush head of the FlexCare (HX6930) has a wide bristle range and angled neck, which helps with plaque removal. This toothbrush has Sonic technology, which consists of a vigorous electric action that removes plaque along the gumline and deep between the teeth. The FlexCare (HX6930) has the same specs as the closely related FlexCare (HX6910), but with the addition of a travel charger and UV sanitizer (for keeping your brush head clean, kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses such as E coli, S. mutans and Herpes simplex). The FlexCare (HX6930) does not have the longer charge (42 2 min. brushings as opposed to just 20 2 min. brushings) or two hygenic travel caps of the higher cost FlexCare+ (HX6950). The Philips FlexCare (HX6930) rechargeable electric toothbrush comes with a two year limited warranty.

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Sonic technology
  • FlexCare system
  • Max Care/Go Care
  • ProResults brush head
  • Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • Interval timer
  • 2 min. timer
  • Recharge gauge
  • Easy-Start
  • Multi-Voltage Charger V w/ cord wrap
  • 31,000 brush strokes per minute
  • 20 2-min. brushings per charge
  • Chrome front panel
  • Color: Medical blue
  • 3 additional brush head color code rings
  • Travel case
  • Travel charger
  • UV sanitizer
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09/03/2012 04:30

bought two of these brushes in early 2009. One gave already up in August 09. Was replaced under warranty. the other gave up in august 2011. While out of warranty it was replaced. Just this month the replacement of #1 gave up again. It is not being replaced, because it is out of warranty. Bad series of products or is this the life expectancy of this product? It is a very, very expensive toothbrush if it last only for 2 years. Do not recommend this product.

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