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Philips pure radiance is the only cleansing system in the world that has unique sonic technology with advanced dual motion.

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Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System uses unique Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion for a cleanse 10 times more effective than hand cleansing at removing makeup, dirt, and residue, but just as gentle. The synchronized movements of the brush head stimulate blood flow for improved micro-circulation and the thorough facial cleansing provides women with improved absorption of their current skincare products.

By working together with women’s favorite beauty products, Philips PureRadiance is the ultimate skin cleansing device to complement their always-changing beauty routines.

Among women who used PureRadiance, 90% experienced deeper pore cleansing, 88% experienced softer skin, 87% experienced more radiant skin, and 81% experienced more even skin tone. These percentages are based on women who experienced these benefits compared with their regular cleansing regimen after two weeks of use.

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  • Gentle deep cleansing for healthy looking skin
  • 10X more effective than hand cleansing at removing makeup
  • Unique sonic technology with advanced dual motion uses sonic pulses to break up makeup, dirt and impurities, and gentle rotations to sweep them away
  • Improves micro-circulation; Stimulates blood flow, resulting in more radiant skin
  • Improves absorption of skincare products; Thoroughly removes makeup, dirt and residue from pores providing better absorption of your favorite creams and moisturizers
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Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion

From the manufacturers of Philips Sonicare, the leaders in Sonic Technology, the brush uses unique Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion. It consists of Sonic pulses that gently break up surface impurities, including dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup residue, and gentle rotations that sweep the impurities away. The synchronized movements of the bristles provide a thorough yet comfortable cleansing experience.

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Improved Micro-Circulation

The synchronized movements of the brush head stimulate blood flow, improving micro-circulation and resulting in more radiant skin. They also provide a pleasant massaging effect while relieving skin tension.

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A Range of Additional Brush Heads

Two brush heads are included with Philips PureRadiance: one Normal brush head for daily use and one Exfoliation brush head for weekly use. A Sensitive brush head, Deep Pore brush head and an Extra Sensitive brush head are available separately. PureRadiance also comes with a protective brush head cap, a power cord for the rechargeable battery, a charging and drying pedestal, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and a two-year limited warranty.

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Improved Absorption of Skincare Products

PureRadiance thoroughly removes makeup, dirt, and residue from pores, providing better absorption of your favorite creams and moisturizers.

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One-Minute Timer for Optimal Facial Cleansing

PureRadiance is designed to thoroughly cleanse the three key areas of your face: T-zone, left cheek, and right cheek. Every 20 seconds, PureRadiance will alert you to change the area you’re cleansing, and after one minute, it will automatically shut off to ensure the most effective and comfortable cleanse.

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Multi-Purpose Charging and Drying Pedestal

In addition to charging the cleansing device, the stylishly designed PureRadiance charging and drying pedestal holds the cleansing brush upside down to let it air-dry naturally. PureRadiance is fully charged in six hours and has cordless power for 30 uses, equivalent to 15 days when used twice per day. PureRadiance is waterproof and can be used in the shower. However, the charger should be kept dry at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it rotate to both sides?

    No, the head does not pivot in any direction.

  • Does it come with the brush?

    Yes, it comes with 2 brush heads. One for everyday cleaning and one for deep cleaning (slightly rougher).

  • How many speeds does it have because the Phillips site says there are 2-speed settings?

    No, just one speed, but you don't need any additional speeds. It comes with two different heads. One for light daily use and one for weekly deep cleaning.

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