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The Philips BDP5012/F7 is an entry level Blu-ray Disc player, released in mid-2009.

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DSP is very good, fills out compressed audio and makes it sound rich and full

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on screen menus are well designed and intuitive to navigate

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remote control is responsive, easy to work with

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5.1 analog outputs allow for direct output to speakers for surround sound

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image quality is sharp with lots of detail, looks great

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sound setup using the 5.1 outputs is fairly easy

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loads DVD and Blu-ray discs very quickly

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doesn't have any internal memory for BD-Live features

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The Philips BDP5012/F7 is an entry level Blu-ray Disc player, released in mid-2009. This model is a step-up from the Philips BDP5005/F7, a player lacking high-definition WMA/DivX playback and analog 5.1 channel audio output. Features found on the BDP5012/F7 include 1080p DVD upscaling, a 24 fps mode, deep color support and a wide range of connectivity options. Movie fans with existing DVDs can watch their entire collection upconverted to 1080p. For the latest Blu-ray Discs, this player supports deep color mode over HDMI for improved color reproduction. The built-in 24fps mode enhances Blu-ray titles originally shot on film, especially when watched at 1080p. Both digital and analog A/V output options are offered on the BDP5012/F7’s back panel, including Component for HD video and analog 5.1 channel out for legacy equipment connections.

  • Full HD 1080p
  • Deep Color support over HDMI
  • 24fps mode for film
  • DVD upscaling
  • PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, analog 5.1 channel out
  • WMA/DivX playback
  • BD-Live Profile 2.0
  • Ethernet connection
  • EasyLink support
  • SD Card slot
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