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The Philips BDP5005/F7 is an entry level Blu-ray Disc player, released in mid-2009.

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small device fits into any available space

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setup is very simple, everything plugs in as you'd expect it to

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cheap price for a Blu-ray player

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accepts firmware updates easily, no hassle in keeping it up to date

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made with fairly flimsy parts, prone to failure within the first few years

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need to be careful with the tray - prone to warping if you push down on it with any force at all

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reads Blu-ray discs very slowly, need to wait a long time for them to load up

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can't deal with scratched discs at all, skips around a lot

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The Philips BDP5005/F7 is an entry level Blu-ray Disc player, released in mid-2009. Essential features include Full HD 1080p output, a 24 fps mode, deep color support and BD-Live functionality. This model is a step down from Philips’ BDP5012/F7, which includes added high-definition WMA/DivX playback plus analog 5.1 channel surround sound output. The BDP5005/F7 is fully compliant with Profile 2.0, meaning users can utilize the built-in Ethernet connection to stream online-only bonus features via BD-Live on supported discs. Those with HDTVs supporting deep color mode will receive more realistic imagery over an HDMI connection. The 24fps mode enhances movie playback originally shot on film, especially at a resolution of 1080p. Additional functionality includes an integrated SD Card slot for sharing media and EasyLink remote control support.



  • Full HD 1080p
  • Deep Color support over HDMI
  • 24fps mode for film
  • DVD upscaling
  • PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound
  • BD-Live Profile 2.0
  • Ethernet connection
  • EasyLink support
  • SD Card slot
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