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The 7400 series is a step up from the 5600 series with its 120Hz processing.

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Attractive styling

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HDMI handshake issues

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Infrequent random resets

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Audio can be flaky and cut out

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firmware fixes the problems

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The 7400 Series from Philips is their 2008 high-end line of high-definition LCD televisions and feature a 1080p native resolution with 120Hz refresh rate. While most high-end televisions from competing manufacturers incorporate the 120Hz refresh rate, Philips has the lowest marketed response time with 2ms. Whether this response time means anything when the set is in your home remains to be seen. The 7400 series is a step up from the 5600 series with its 120Hz processing. Alongside this added feature is a refresh rate and response time, as well as more powerful speakers. The other notable difference is the use of the Perfect Pixel 3 processing engine which Philips markets as being noticeably more advanced than the Pixel Pure technology found in the less expensive lines.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 2ms response time
  • 500 cd/m2 brightness
  • 29,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 4 speakers (including 2 subwoofers) at a total of 30 watts
  • Pixel Plus 3 processing engine
  • Inputs: HDMI x 4, Component x 3, Composite x 2, S-Video x 2, USB in

Perfect Pixel 3 - Found only on the high-end lines, Philips claims this is their most advanced processing technology. The claim is that by analyzing surrounding pixels various image problems such as compression artifacts and noise can be reduced.

Speaker system - There are four speakers total, two being regular speakers and two being subwoofers located on the bottom of the set for improved bass response.


The naming convention of the 7400 series is: Philips xxPFL7403D/27 where xx are replaced by the display size

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