The Philips 40PFL6706 is an upper mid-cost LED 3D TV.

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The Philips 40PFL6706 is an upper mid-cost LED 3D TV. Philips promotes their 6000 series of 3D TVs as being ultra-thin. The display of this TV is forty inches of full HD LED. To get a 3D picture this TV relies on active technology, meaning you need a set of active shutter 3D glasses. The Pixel Precise HD image processing engine of the 40PFL6706 helps to make the picture more immersive, giving you detailed images. The Settings Assistant feature allows you to select your on-screen preferences to get the best picture (the TV will store your preferences for future use). The 120Hz refresh rate of the 40PFL6706 helps to eliminate blurring and streaking. The MediaConnect feature of this 3D TV gives you one-button access to navigating anywhere on the internet (as opposed to being limited to widgets or apps, as many TV internet platforms are). The connection between the PC and TV is wireless. The 40PFL6706 also comes with NetTV access, which allows you to stream HD and 3D content directly to the TV. NetTV allows you access to VUDU, Netflix, and Pandora (for music streaming), as well as other media sites. The 40PFL6706's SRS TruSurround HD sound delivers virtual surround sound, with clear dialogue and crisp bass. This TV differs from the higher cost 46PFL6706 model in that the 46PFL6706 model has a forty-six inch display. The Philips 40PFL6706 LED 3D TV comes with a "how-to" sticker on the back that walks you through the connection process.

  • 40" LED full HD display
  • Thin design
  • Pixel Precise HD image processor
  • MediaConnect
  • 1080p
  • NetTV
  • "How-to" sticker on back
  • Active 3D technology
  • 120Hz refresh
  • Settings Assistant
  • Wireless TV/PC connection
  • SRS TruSurround HD
  • Easy set-up
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