The Philips 221T1SB1/00 is a high-end full HD LCD computer monitor with TV tuner.

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The Philips 221T1SB1/00 is a high-end full HD LCD computer monitor with TV tuner. The SmartContrast 50000:1 contrast ratio uses video processing and extreme dimming to offer vibrant and detailed images, even when the 21.5" screen is dark. The 5 millisecond response time of this monitor allows you to watch LCD TV without any image artifacts getting in the way. You can also play high intensity games without getting slowed down by blurriness. The Smart mode of the 221T1SB1/00 considers aspects like video source, content type and room surroundings and chooses the best viewing mode for you to be using at any given moment. The SmartSound feature does the same thing for audio information (utilizing the Incredible Surround feature of this monitor, which widens the audio output's sound field). The DVBT tuner (which can handle MPEG4 formats) allows you to receive high-definition TV and other multimedia formats in digital quality. As DVBT does not exist in North America, this feature is a play to the European market. The Philips 221T1SB1/00 comes with a remote control for its TV functions.  

  • SmartContrast 50000:1 ratio
  • 5ms response time
  • Full HD LCD display
  • Smart mode
  • 1920x1080p resolution
  • TV tuner
  • HDMI ready
  • SmartSound
  • Incredible Surround
  • DVBT tuner
  • Remote control for TV functions
  • 250 cd/m² brightness
  • Widescreen format
  • TrueVision
  • 21.5" display
  • 6W audio output (2 x 3W speakers)
  • Mono, stereo sound
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM video playback
  • 75 ohm coaxial aerial input
  • Hyperband, S-Channel, UHF, VHF tuner bands
  • Power cord
  • Remote Control (w/batteries)
  • Quick start guide
  • User Manual
  • Table top stand
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