It is also not excluded the possibility that in future each of us can create its own frame.

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The idea behind Flavors is simple: the aesthetics of television will be customized, we can then change the frames that are the contour to display a selection of 12 different frames to them in future if they can add new ones. In this I think I can safely say that Philips will focus very well on the contribution that could give the artists who could sbizzarrirsi in creating new colors and new forms that are to outline any of the objects of greater importance in our homes. It is also not excluded the possibility that in future each of us can create its own frame. The system "and mount their bags" of the frames could not be simpler: it relies on the presence of some magnets, so the change takes place within a few seconds. Another peculiarity is that it will be possible to customize the system to match Home Theater available with the Flavors range.


Not enough, the TV is meant to be beautiful to 360 degrees. The shiny white chassis is made to hide the various parts and electrical cables are embedded in a housing tailored complemented on the back. Even items such as remote control and cables are white, to give a sense of continuity.

Finally, the last element of the series: "We just thought everything", is the system of fixing the wall. Even here the system is something simple, but completely changing times and ways in which we have been used so far. Say goodbye to too accurate measurements to try to keep everything as horizontal as possible: you have this thing where you hang a picture? Centered the hole, and raddrizzatina a date with your hands. E 'exactly what we must do with this TV. The mounting plate has a thickness of only 16mm, and has a rounded pivot upon which the television.

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