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It also features a motorized CD tray, Incredible Surround sound enhancement and dynamic bass boost. Additionally.

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CD-R and CD-RW compatibility is a major selling point - allows users to burn and play back their own customized CDs

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"Incredible Surround" digital surround sound feature provides realistic sound staging - reminiscent of similar high-end technologies from Dolby and DTS

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FM radio reception is excellent - users in urban and suburban areas alike can access a wide variety of stations with clear, consistent tuning

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Excellent sound quality considering the size and price point - provides sensitive, balanced audio outputting at both high and low levels

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Initial setup is very easy, even for inexperienced users - clear, concise wiring instructions allow the system to be configured in less than 20 minutes

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Wooden speaker cabinets significantly improve sound clarity - help to preserve natural sound characteristics while providing sleek aesthetic features

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Backlight dimming only works when the system is in "Play" mode - unit can therefore not be used as a primary time reference due to low illumination levels

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The Philips MZ-7 is a high-end micro shelf system with dual three-way speakers which boast one 6 1/2" woofer, a mid-range driver and a tweeter each. It also features a motorized CD tray, Incredible Surround sound enhancement and dynamic bass boost. Additionally, the MZ-7 sports a digital radio tuner, acoustically neutral speaker cloth and digital sound control.

The MZ-7's Incredible Surround sound enhancement simulates a surround sound system, creating a broad, dynamic sound field for more immersive listening. Its dynamic bass boost allows the MZ-7 to provide richer, deeper bass tones at the press of a button for a more user-customizable sound. Meanwhile, the MZ-7's digital sound control technology provides different sound settings tailored specifically to suit individual genre needs.

  • Dual three-way speakers
  • Motorized CD tray
  • Incredible Surround sound enhancement
  • Dynamic bass boost
  • Digital radio tuner
  • Acoustically neutral speaker cloth
  • Digital sound control
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