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The Philips DCM109/37 is a micro music system built to fit on a table or nightstand.

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auto-tunes station presets right away, makes flipping through channels later very fast

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loud bass support, ideal for thumping bass lines

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FM reception is very good, picks out weak signals and cleans them up

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setup is very simple, just plug in the speakers and the power

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setting up the clock and alarm are very easy, don't need to read instructions

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speakers can't handle loud volume, gets very distorted quickly

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lack of detail in the audio will make this completely unsuitable for audiophiles

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The Philips DCM109/37 is a micro music system built to fit on a table or nightstand. The cube design gives it a stable base, and makes it possible to use as an alarm clock. The integrated docking station charges an iPhone or iPod, and can play music from the devices at the same time. A USB port allows for play from a USB storage device, and the 3.5 mm stereo line in enables play from another portable media device. The CD player can play standard audio CDs as well as data discs containing MP3 or WMA files. The pair of 5 Watt speakers use Dynamic Bass Boost, enabling a louder and clearer low frequency sound.

  • Cube micro music system
  • iPhone/ iPod music playback and recharge
  • Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW
  • USB Direct, 3.5mm stereo line in
  • FM digital tuning with 20 presets
  • Dynamic Bass Boost
  • 2 x 5W RMS total output power
  • Clock, Alarm, Sleep timer
  • Compact design
  • Integrated dock
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