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This system features a seperate subwoofer, an AM/FM tuner.

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setup is easy enough for entry-level users

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sound is rich and full, adds a lot of depth to the audio

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all components are fairly compact, easy to fit in anywhere

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not enough power for larger rooms

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doesn't offer you any real way to shape the sound, no EQ

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sub tends to overpower the vocals and highs

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not very good stereo separation, fails to give a sense of space

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some interference in the audio can be heard during fast-moving scenes, something about rendering fast-moving video causes a high-pitched whine

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getting support or service for the unit is difficult and costly

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Like many other Philips home-theater-in-a-box systems, the Philips HTS6500/37 uses patented technology to simulate surround sound without the clutter of having five seperate speakers. In this case, "SonoSound" technology simulates 5.1 surround sound with only two speakers "by positioning independent drivers at precise angles," with a total output of 500 watts. This system features a seperate subwoofer, an AM/FM tuner, an input to connect to your MP3 player via the headphone jack, and USB input for flash drives and other portable media. The DVD player upscales via HDMI at 1080i and 720p.

  • Progressive scan DVD player with 720p and 1080i upconverting via HDMI
  • "SonoWave" sound design
  • Capable of processing DD, DTS, stereo and Dolby Prologic II
  • MP3 direct input
  • USB input
  • HDMI output, ComponentVideo out Progressive, S-Video out, Composite video (CVBS) output, FM Antenna in, AM/MW Antenna, Easy-Fit speaker connectors, Digital coaxial in, AUX in, TV in
Post Review
06/17/2010 05:09

I inquired for customer support about this product and Phillips basically shunned me because the product was made before 2009. They told me to buy a new one or pay outrageous amounts to have it fixed. The problem with the unit was a manufactures mistake and they offer "updates" to fix the problems but it is a load of crap. Personally I want my $400 back but this will not happen, this is why I'm informing the public of Philips poor quality.

06/17/2010 05:05

This is the biggest pile of S*** I have ever purchased. Not at all worth $400.

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