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The system comprises of a DVD player/receiver, iPod dock, subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers.

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speakers have a small footprint, don't dominate the room at all

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remote control can select tracks on the iPod

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all audio is very clear at low volumes, movie dialog is clearly audible

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Dolby Digital ProLogic II implementation is flawless, sound comes out of the exact correct speaker with no cross-over

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rear speaker wire is too short for a hidden wire setup

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cannot produce anywhere near the same quality of audio through RCA inputs, needs the lossless optical input

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plugs at the end of the speaker wires mean either larger holes in the walls need to be drilled or the wire needs to be cut/spliced

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The Philips HTS3372D/F7 is an affordable DVD home theater system from Philips that gives you a complete movie experience in your living room. The system comprises of a DVD player/receiver, iPod dock, subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers. The HDMI output has 1080p upscaling for a true HD image.  The included iPod dock makes enjoying your music library as simple as possible, and there is a high speed USB 2.0 port for even more connectivity.  This unit also features EasyLink for easy contol of other supported devices through the HDMI port.

  • DVD Player/Receiver
  • iPod dock
  • Subwoofer
  • Five Satellite speakers
  • HDMI output
  • 1080p upconversion
  • USB 2.0 port
  • EasyLink
  • FM tuner
  • Live DSP Soundfield
  • Theater DSP Soundfield
  • Remote control
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05/23/2012 05:47

Buyer beware! I bought this product to accompany a new large flat screen TV to enjoy movies. I don't often have the time to do this, but one weekend while i was sitting down to use it for the (literally) 20th time, it up and died. I tried all troubleshooting suggestions without luck. Finally i called customer support, but because this 20th use was just over the year warranty, there was nothing they would do but offer a refurbished one at $130.00, Hardly worth it since i paid $160 brand new. and that $160 was hardly worth it for 19 uses!



07/04/2012 02:02

Same experience with this model!

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