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The PD9012/37 is a mid-range portable DVD player system from Philips.

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bright enough even when in direct sunlight

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comes with all necessary cables and strips to mount it

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resumes play where it left off when the car is started

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headphone jacks available, helps when its children's programming that the parents are tired of listening to

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very solid construction, doesn't lock up or skip disks

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no support for running on a battery, needs to be connected to power constantly

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no remote control included, makes working it alone in the car with a toddler difficult

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The PD9012/37 is a mid-range portable DVD player system from Philips. This pair of 9-inch LCD screens is designed for in-vehicle use. Compared to the PD9016/37, this model features larger and higher resolution screens at 640 x 220 pixels. In addition to DVDs, this unit can play MP3 CDs and JPEG photo discs. All varieties of recordable media are also supported, including rewritable DVD+/-RW and CD-RW formats. The built-in speakers are rated at 250mW of output power, which should be enough for most vehicles. A headphone jack also exists for individual use. Dolby Digital, the audio format commonly found on DVD movies is fully supported. A car adapter and two headrest mounting systems are included in the box.

  • Dual 9” LCD screens
  • 640 x 220 pixel resolution
  • Built-in speakers, earphone output
  • Video: DVD, SVCD, Video CD
  • DVD+/-R/RW, MP3-CD, CD-R/CD-RW, CD
  • Picture CD support
  • Headrest mounting system x 2
  • AV cable x 2
  • Car power adapter included
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