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The Philips DVP3560/F7 is an entry-level DVD player released in early 2010.

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easy to unlock the player to work as a region-free player

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DVD playback is very good for the price range, comparable to players that more typically cost a few hundred dollars

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menus are simple and easy to navigate

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small and light, can fit it in anywhere you have the space

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upscaling of DVDs to near-HD quality is very good

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by default shuts itself off after 10 minutes if you aren't doing anything, need to go through the settings and shut this feature off

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menu has an extremely basic blocky graphics look, very old-school and cheap looking

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remote doesn't have many functions on it, just does the basics

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The Philips DVP3560/F7 is an entry-level DVD player released in early 2010. This model is a step-up from the similar DVP3570/F7, which lacks DivX support, USB 2.0 connectivity, Component video output and a front panel LCD display. The DVP3560/F7 is well suited for users with an existing DVD collection, as this player will upconvert movies to 1080p resolution. As a DivX Ultra certified product, video downloaded from the internet can be copied to a CD, DVD or USB flash drive for immediate playback. The Philips DVP3560/F7 can also convert music CDs to MP3s with the touch of a button, meaning users can transfer their favorite tunes to a USB flash drive without the need for a PC. Additional features include customizable wallpaper and EasyLink support for controlling multiple devices with a single remote.

  • Full HD 1080p upscaling
  • DivX Ultra certified
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • HDMI/Component video out
  • Analog/digital coaxial audio out
  • One-touch MP3 creation
  • Progressive scan
  • Screen fit
  • Customizable wallpaper
  • EasyLink support
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09/29/2012 02:06

will this dvd play discs from Denmark?

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