The DVDR3455H is an entry level DVD/hard drive recorder by Philips.

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The DVDR3455H is an entry level DVD/hard drive recorder by Philips. This device allows you to record up to 270 hours of standard definition television to its 160GB hard drive, edit out commercials, and then optionally burn it to a DVD for permanent storage. The DVDs produced can hold up to 8 hours of video, depending on the quality settings. The general consensus indicates that the video quality produced by this unit is essentially the same as one would find on a standard VCR. The DVDR3455H only records in standard definition (480i/p), meaning this device is not intended for use with HDTVs. The Philips DVDR3455H does lack some common DVR features. For example: it won't simultaneously record and play back recorded video, and it doesn’t allow for video to be copied from the DVD drive to the hard drive. Users looking for a basic, standard definition VCR replacement will likely find the Philips DVDR3455H to be a suitable choice.

  • HDD size: 160GB
  • Recording format: MPEG2
  • HDD recording time: 34 Hrs. Minimum, 270 Hrs. Maximum
  • DVD recording time: 1 Hrs. Minimum, 8 Hrs. Maximum
  • Playable file formats: MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, MP3, JPEG, MPEG1
  • Resolution: 480i, 480p
  • Dolby Digital surround sound
  • Inputs: composite, analog audio, RF (TV)
  • Outputs: composite, analog audio, digital audio coaxial
  • One touch recording
  • Pause live TV
  • Dimensions & weight: 12.8” x 1.89” x 17.13”, 7.94 LB
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