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The Philips HSB2313A/F7 is a sound bar built for use with a television display.

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sound is ideal for a small living room, fills the space easily

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bass is well represented for movie viewing, explosions boom out nicely

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great FM radio reception, comes in sharp and clear even on faint stations

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easy to set up, connections are all obvious, not that many to deal with

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Easylink isn't as simple as the manual implies, takes some work to get it to function properly

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something is loose inside and rattles around when you move the speaker

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MP3 port is on the very top, awkward when mounted inside an entertainment center on a shelf

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The Philips HSB2313A/F7 is a sound bar built for use with a television display. It features an integrated HDMI hub, allowing complete high-definition signals to be passed into the system and then back out again for other devices as needed. The system's total power output is 300 Watts, and uses an active subwoofer that provides complete support for the 35 to 200 Hz frequency range. Audio can be played from an MP3 player, a USB storage device, or from a high definition video source through an HDMI, Digital coaxial or Composite Video input. The bar can be placed on the wall or tabletop, and the design is optimized to sit in front of a 32 inch flat TV or larger.

  • Integrated HDMI Hub
  • 300W RMS total output power
  • Active Subwoofer, 35 - 200 Hz
  • EasyLink controls
  • MP3 Link, USB Link
  • Placement on the wall or tabletop
  • Optimal fit for 32 in flat TV or larger
  • Audio L/R in, CVBS in, USB, MP3 Line-in, Digital coaxial in 2x, Analog audio Left/Right in 2x, Composite video (CVBS) input, HDMi in 2x
  • Composite, Component, HDMI output
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