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Compatible with iPhone 5 and the latest iPods through the Lightning connector.

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Combining a sleek design and powerful performance, the Philips DS3205 docking speaker provides high-fidelity audio for your iPhone 5 and latest iPods. Featuring a unique 360-degree design that looks great in any space, the speaker includes 10 watts of power and special bass circuitry to fill the room with crisp, balanced sound.

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  • Charge and play music on iPod/iPhone via Lightning connector
  • Battery or AC power option for music enjoyment everywhere
  • Neodymium speakers for pure balanced sound
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Unique, Portable Design

Featuring an attractive modern style, the DS3205 is designed to look great in any environment. The unique 360-degree shape not only looks good, but also provides an innovative way to accommodate your iPhone or iPod. The speaker can be powered using an AC wall plug, or you can use AA batteries to wirelessly power your speaker for up to 8 hours to enjoy high-fidelity audio anywhere and anytime.

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High Quality Audio

With 10 watts of output, the DS3205 docking speaker provides crystal-clear audio performance. Neodymium speakers offer impeccable sensitivity and bass response, while special shielding technology ensures your mobile phone's signal won't cause interference.

If you prefer extra bass in your music, you can activate Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) at the touch of a button. This technology enhances the bass content of your music, providing a balanced and rich audio experience.

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Play and Charge via Lightning Port

The DS3205 speaker is designed for use with the iPhone 5 and latest iPods. Simply dock your device using the built-in Lightning connector to play back audio in high-fidelity. The DS3205 also charges your device, so you won't need to worry about running out of battery power.

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Auxiliary Input for Versatile Options

If you want to connect a device that doesn't use the Lightning port, the DS3205 includes a 3.5mm audio input so you can enjoy high-quality playback from external devices such as portable audio players, computers, or phones.

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Compatibility Information

The DS3205 docking speaker is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPod nano 7th generation, and iPod touch 5th generation.

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About Philips

Philips has a brand promise of "sense and simplicity" that encapsulates their commitment to understanding and catering to the desires and needs of consumers. By putting end users front and center, Philips creates products designed around people's needs and aspirations that are both comprehensive and easy to use. With 60,000 registered patents, Philips is a global leader and receives numerous international design awards every year.

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At a Glance

  • Compact design with unique 360-degree styling
  • DBB to preserve low tones for deep bass
  • Charge and play music from iPhones and iPods with Lightning connector
  • 3.5mm audio input for use with other audio devices
  • 10 watts RMS of total output
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What's in the Box

  • Philips DS3205 Docking Speaker
  • Power cable
  • Documentation
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can it fit an iPhone or iPod touch generation 5 in an otter box?

    No, I have to take it out of the case to attach the phone to the station.

  • Will this charge an IPAD with lightning connector? I have 5s and Ipad air.

    No, there's not enough room. The speakers would prevent it. The iphone sits inside and the speakers form a bowl around it.

  • Can you use the iphone 5s on it.

    Yes. iphone 5, 5c and 5s use the same connector.

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