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The Philips DCM250/37 is an iPod an iPhone dock and CD player.

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can be turned up all the way without distorting

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lots of playback sources, including iPod, radio, and Component connections - a good all-purpose solution for a small room

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sleek and modern design, looks great on a desk

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sound quality is good, sounds reasonably rich and detailed

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sound output is very good for the size, fills a small room

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comes with a separate, long antenna to get excellent radio reception

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poor documentation, doesn't really cover the system's functions

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some tinny sound in the highs, washes right out in the upper range

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The Philips DCM250/37 is an iPod an iPhone dock and CD player. This is a basic stereo meant for the bedroom or office that covers most common functions, although the power output and lack of connectivity make it inappropriate for audio enthusiasts. It features a pair of 15 Watt speakers and uses a bass boost system for a deeper, more resonant sound. The front panel displays the time and can act as an alarm clock. Media can be played from an iPod or iPhone while it is being charged in the dock, and a USB connection allows MP3 or WMA files to be played from storage devices. The FM tuner is digital and can store up to 40 presets.

  • Play and charge iPhone, iPod
  • Playback Media: WMA, MP3, CD, CD-R, CD-RW
  • USB Direct
  • Digital FM tuner, 40 presets
  • Dynamic Bass Boost
  • Digital Sound Control
  • 30 W RMS total power (2 x 15W)
  • Clock, Alarm, Sleep function
  • Metallic front panel
  • Slim CD slot
  • Remote control included
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