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The Philips DC290/37 is a high mid-cost alarm clock/docking station.

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speakers are high quality, detailed sound

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program-ability nice

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feature rich remote control, can access all functions for music playback with it

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solid build quality, hard aluminum plating

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display itself is dim even on the brightest setting

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alarm buttons are close to the snooze button, easy to hit them by accident

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when sleep is done, the light turns on and wakes me up

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clock numbers are fairly small, can't see them from across the room

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snooze button is very stiff, tough to push when you're half asleep

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The Philips DC290/37 is a high mid-cost alarm clock/docking station. The main feature that Philips emphasizes in promotion is the fact that you can dock your iPod/iPhone on the DC290/37 (even in the iPod/iPhone's case), thereby allowing you to use your iPod/iPhone content as wake-up music. Docking on the DC290/37 charges your iPod/iPhone, as well. You can also choose to wake up to FM radio (which you can program 20 presets for), or MP3s from your MP3 player (via the MP3 Link feature). In terms of alarm clock features, the DC290/37 has the features standard throughout this product line: dual alarm capability, which allows you to set two different alarm times for you and your partner. You can choose different alarm settings for weekends and weekdays. The Gentle Wake feature allows you to be slowly jostled out of bed by a gradually louder alarm tone, rather than a consistently loud one. This docking station is a step up from the lower cost DC320/37 in that it has an aluminum construction (which can withstand extreme temperatures and corrosion), Dynamic Bass Boost (for a fine-tuned bass sound), and Digital Sound Control (which offers EQ presets based on musical genre), though this docking station's speakers are only 5 watts each (as opposed to the DC320/37's, which are 6 watts each).

  • Dual alarm w/ weekend/weekday settings
  • Gentle Wake
  • iPod/iPhone docking/charging
  • MP3 Link (3.5mm jack)
  • FM radio (w/ 20 digital presets)
  • 2 Bass Reflex speakers
  • 10w total output (2 x 5 watt speakers)
  • Aluminum construction
  • LCD backlit display
  • Stereo sound
  • Up/down volume control
  • Weight: 1.96lbs.
  • 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz powe
  • AC-DC adapter
  • Quick use guide
  • User manual
  • Remote control
  • Dynamic Bass Boost
  • Digital Sound Control
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