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The Philips DC190/37 is a basic iPod dock.

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Sound quality is fairly good for the price point - suitable for providing room-filling sound in most household areas with minimal distortion at higher levels

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Multiple alarm settings provide advanced weekly scheduling - two different functions available with 3 individual settings each

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Small, sleek design is excellent for placement all around the house - bedroom, kitchen, living room and entertainment areas are all very suitable

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Controls are spread over four surfaces and require even weighting to properly engage - sure to frustrate users more and more over time

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Does not work well as a charging station - requires excessive pressure to seat, and prompts music playback/airplane mode without warning

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Flush-mounted control buttons may be difficult to locate - not ideal for those who wish to use the dock as an alarm clock

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Snooze function only works for up to 30 minutes - not recommended for users who prefer a longer wake-up period

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The Philips DC190/37 is a basic iPod dock. The main focus of this unit is on working as a feature-rich alarm clock, and uses a pair of 1.5 Watt speakers that prevent it from being used as a main household stereo. The alarm can be set to play any track from a docked iPod, and optionally can begin to play the music softly with a gradually increasing volume until shut off. Separate alarms can be set for weekdays and weekends, allowing the user to sleep a little later on days they don't have to go in to work. The FM tuner can store up to 20 presets, and audio from external portable devices can be input through a standard 3.5 mm stereo input.

  • Play and charge your iPod
  • FM digital tuning with 20 presets
  • MP3 Link: 3.5 mm stereo input
  • Alarm can be set to play from iPod
  • Dual alarm: weekday and weekend settings
  • Gradually increasing alarm volume
  • 2 x 1.5 W power output
  • Neodymium speaker drivers
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