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The Philips SPA3210/27 is a 2.0-channel audio system designed for laptops and notebooks.

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Highly portable and compact form factor allows these to be set up almost anywhere

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Bass boost mode provides improved bass clarity over similar models without this feature

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Sound quality is good for this price, comparable to 2-channel speakers in higher price brackets

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Who cares about outside parts that are vulnerable, I mean come on guys you're not gonna have a dinner with'em right? ) This are 10 Watt power speakers, no competitor has the same power at this price.

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Maximum volume seems to top out too low, not as loud as competitors' models

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Certain parts of the construction are vulnerable to damage, e.g. connections to rears of speakers

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Casing leaves many components exposed and vulnerable to outside damage, limited to indoor use

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The Philips SPA3210/27 is a 2.0-channel audio system designed for laptops and notebooks. Unlike the entry-level SPA2210/27, the SPA3210/27 offers some potential for pass, as it uses a bass-reflex system with two 2” bass-radiators per speaker. The result is a total 10W output with greater bass and treble, though it’s not much compared to a high-powered system. Like its counterpart, the unit accepts power from a USB interface and audio from a stereo jack. Users say they function well for privately listening to music and for work-related situations. However, they’re not recommended for a party.

  • 2.0-Channel Laptop Speaker System
  • Designed for Laptops/Notebooks
  • Bass-Reflex System
  • 2" x2 Bass Radiators (Each)
  • 5W RMS Power
  • 10W Max Power
  • Bass Boost
  • Stereo Audio Jack (3.5mm)
  • USB 2.0 Interface (Power)
  • Windows/Macintosh Compatibility
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