The two speakers are connected to each other but don't have to be connected to a dock to work.

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The Fidelio SoundSphere is a docking system featuring two stylish separate speakers with SoundSphere technology, a docking station for iOS devices and includes Apples AirPlay. This device combines the Fidelio functionality with the audio quality of Soundsphere to take your favourite tunes from your mobile devices and provide high quality, room filling sound.

The curved speakers feature a free-floating tweeter above the main speakers and provide a multi-directional sound with minimised interference. The Fidelio SoundSphere supports WiFi streaming via Apple's AirPlay enabling sharing from PC and Mac iTunes library or music from any other iOS device. This makes it possible to play music without ever docking the device and makes selecting and changing music very simple and convenient. The two speakers are connected to each other but don't have to be connected to a dock to work. A dock is provided for charging your iOS device, as is a 3.5mm port in the back of one of the speakers for those with Android or other devices. The whole docking system looks very stylish and innovative, and with Philips high quality sound your music will be accessible from anywhere in the house using your home WiFi network.

  • Two stylish curved speakers
  • Free-floating Tweeter speakers above main speakers
  • Designed to deliver deep and wide audio impression
  • 360 degree sound
  • Minimal interference
  • Supports Apple AirPlay
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, iPod, iPad, iPhone and other MP3 and Android devices
  • Docking station provided
  • Charges device via docking station
  • Connects to home WiFi network for mobile music sharing via AirPlay
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