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The Specked is more stylish, as it offers soft ear sleeves in both different colors and different sizes.

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resists tangles even after having been bunched up in a pocket

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looks unique and original, stands out from other headphones

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cord is long enough for almost anyone

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good bass support, everything clear, loud and undistorted

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durable design, even the wire can take a fair amount of abuse

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wire noise when it moves is very loud, difficult to ignore

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When the wire rubs against anything including your hands, the mechanical sound travels up to the earpiece and is amplified. It is very loud, annoying, and ruins the listening experience completely.

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very little sound isolation, outside noises are clearly audible

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The Philips Specked is one of two ultra-durable high performance in-ear, earbud headphones designed via a collaboration between Philips Electronics and California-based surfwear manufacturer O’Neill. The Specked is a lower-end model in comparison to the Covert, in that it hosts smaller 9mm drivers and sacrifices its sibling’s iPod/iPhone/iPad controls. However, the Specked is more stylish, as it offers soft ear sleeves in both different colors and different sizes. Additional features include noise-isolating ear cups, a tangle-free cable, and reinforced aluminum connectors.

  • Ultra-Durable, High Performance Earbud Headphones
  • Dynamic 9mm Drivers
  • Tangle-Free Cable
  • Soft Ear Cups w/Noise Isolation
  • Designed to be Discreet
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Model Variations
  • Philips Specked | SHO9552/28 | Royal Blue
  • Philips Specked | SHO9555/28 | Orange
  • Philips Specked | SHO9551/28 | Ultra Fuchsia
  • Philips Specked | SHO9550/28 | Bold Black
  • Philips Specked | SHO9554/28 | Royal Purple
  • Philips Specked | SHO9553/28 | White Out
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11/20/2010 04:54

Sound quality below expectation in this price range. Wire noise so unbearable that I stopped using it. Waste of money.

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