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However, the Snug can be folded flat for easy storage.

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uses an interesting art design on the ear cups and the cord is color-coated to match

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rich bass support, all lower frequencies well covered without distortion

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cord is long and detaches from the headset

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adjustment is fast and easy, takes a second and you don't have to think about it

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cord has a coating that has a fabric-like feel, very comfortable

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sounds just as good as most $200-$400 headphones

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ear cups rotate which makes storing these headphones FLAT easy

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headphones are fairly snug, after a long period of time wearing them ears start to feel crushed

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audio books are fairly difficult to hear, need to be turned up

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The Philips Snug is one of two ultra-durable high performance on-ear headphones designed via a collaboration between Philips Electronics and California-based surfwear manufacturer O’Neill. As a more affordable counterpart to the Stretch, the Snug hosts a less durable design and lacks its sibling’s comfort features (e.g. inner/outer headbands, flexibility, etc). However, the Snug can be folded flat for easy storage. In addition, it hosts a tangle-free cord and an adjustable headband with noise-isolating ear cushions. Compared to the Stretch, it’s more portable and is available in more colors.

  • High-Performance Over-Ear Headphones
  • Ultra-Durable Design
  • Dynamic 40mm Drivers
  • Tangle-Free Fabric Cable for Stress Relief
  • Reinforced Aluminum Connectors for Strength
  • Single Adjustable Headband
  • Noise-Isolating Ear Cushions
  • Folds Flat for Portability
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Model Variations
  • Philips Snug | SHO8800/28 | White Black Check
  • Philips Snug | SHO8801/28 | Black Ice
  • Philips Snug | SHO8803/28 | Rebel Red
  • Philips Snug | SHO8802/28 | Purple Plaid
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