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The Philips SHS8200/28 is a pair of entry-level over-the-ear neckband headphones meant specifically for travel use.

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Slim, lightweight profile is compact and portable - easily fits into an average-sized pocket without risk of structural damage

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Folding design is excellent for travel purposes - minimizes unit footprint while increasing strength and durability

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Sound quality is fairly good at the price point - sufficient balance of low and high frequencies with little harshness amongst treble range

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Highly prone to volume leakage - louder volume levels will project sound within an approximate five-foot radius

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Some users report excessive slipping issues - neckband design may not fit properly for all users

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Speaker/driver components have a seemingly short lifespan - many users report malfunction within 3 to 6 months

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Hard plastic materials are not very comfortable - may cause considerable discomfort throughout extensive use

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The Philips SHS8200/28 is a pair of entry-level over-the-ear neckband headphones meant specifically for travel use. It features 32mm speaker drivers, bass beat vents and neodymium magnets for enhanced audio capability. Additionally, the SHS8200/28 sports a foldable design, a 24k gold-plated plug, a 1.2m-long cable and ergonomically shaped earpieces.

The SHS8200/28's 32mm driver units provide it with a frequency response of 12 Hz - 24 kHz for excellent performance with bass, mid and treble tones alike. Its bass beat vents provide the SHS8200/28 with enhanced bass performance by utilizing air movement while neodymium magnets further strengthen bass performance while enhancing the sound stage. Meanwhile, the SHS8200/28's 24k gold-plated plug ensures a consistent connection with audio players while resisting corrosion for an extended lifespan.

  • 32mm speaker drivers
  • Bass beat vents
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Foldable design
  • 24k gold-plated plug
  • 1.2m-long cable
  • Ergonomically shaped earpieces
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