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The Philips SHN5500/00 are behind the neck noise cancelling headphones.

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sound quality is above-average, can hear the details in music fairly well

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noise cancelling effect reduces surrounding noises dramatically

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feel comfortable, can wear them for a few hours at a time

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bass range is well represented, good solid beats

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stay secure while you're running, won't fall off

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no instructions included, and its a bit tricky figuring out how to turn the power on/off

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noise cancelling not as effective as some higher-end headphones

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not up to audiophile standards, have certain areas that are a little weak

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need to make sure the loops are behind your ears or they'll slip off

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The Philips SHN5500/00 are behind the neck noise cancelling headphones.  That means that they block out background noise to improve the quality of the sound coming through them.  Since they block out background noise, the consumer doesn't have to listen to loud music just to hear it over a train or construction.  The SHN5500/00 has a 3-way adjustment, flexible rubber ear-hooks, and soft ear cushions to help fit and create a seal.  It comes with lightweight controls for the power and volume adjustments and a 1.2m cable.  One additional feature is the adaptor for in-flight entertainment systems -- making the headphones a perfect buy for someone who does a lot of airplane or train travel.

  • In-flight entertainment adaptor
  • Rubber ear-hooks
  • Ear cushions
  • Lightweight controls
  • 1.2 m long cable
  • 3.5-6.35mm adaptor
  • Cancels noise up to 75%
  • Response bandwidth: 40-20000Hz
  • 45 Ohm Impedance
  • Mylar 1.3inch diaphragm
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