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The SHL8800/28 is a set of over-the-ear headphones from the Phillips company.

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good price for the quality of the headphone

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unique design on the earcups, looks pretty cool

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clear, crisp sound that brings out the details really well

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soft and thick earpads and cushioning along the band make it very comfortable

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shorter cord stays out of the way, avoids tangles

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good sound isolation, blocks out surrounding sound

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solid construction, feels pretty sturdy

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strong bass, great for fans of thumping beats

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small cups can tend to squeeze against your ears uncomfortably, gets sore after a few hours

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The SHL8800/28 is a set of over-the-ear headphones from the Phillips company. Including three different sets of interchangeable earpiece caps, this model allows the user to customize its appearance for an original, one-of-a-kind look. Engineered with an acoustically-tuned design, the headset features 40-millimeter drivers to provide sensitive yet powerful sound outputting with minimal distortion levels. Ambient sounds and background noise are significantly reduced due to the unit's closed-ear design, with an ultra-soft headband included alongside lightweight swivelling ear cushions for reduced strain through long-term listening sessions. A 1.2-meter cable is included for allowing sufficient space and increased user comfort, with a 24-karat gold-plated 1/8" stereo plug included for direct connectivity to iPods and other portable media players. For storage purposes, the SHL8800/28 features a fold-flat design that minimizes unit footprint while reducing susceptibility to damage. 

  • Interchangeable earpiece patterns 
  • Acoustically-tuned design
  • Fold-flat design
  • 40mm drivers 
  • Ambient noise attenuation 
  • Ultra-soft headband 
  • 24-karat gold-plated stereo plug 
  • 1.2-meter cable 
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