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Philips SHE9550/28 is an entry-level pair of in-ear headphones.

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Earbud shell is made from high quality plastics, as is the cable, durable yet low cost product

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Once you manage to get them to fit in your ear properly (good seal), the sound quality and isolation is good

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Overall, good sound quality for the price compared to similar priced products from Sony, definitely a step ahead of skull candy products

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Deep bass, but not overpowering, but as a result the treble is weaker than some budget products

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Advertised as a sport product, but has a lot of cable noise due to movement and wind, no good for runners

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No cable clip, with a cable clip or length adjuster the cable noise could have been greatly reduced

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Not so easy to get a fit even with the 3 supplied ear tips, this will result in a poor seal and poor sound quality

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 Philips SHE9550/28 is an entry-level pair of in-ear headphones. Its main features include an angled speaker head that projects sound directly to the ear drum, as well as a tiny bass venting hole to control lower frequencies. These help to enhance sound clarity. Silicon earcups help to provide isolation and a comfortable fit, and three different sizes are included. They include a cable winder with clip for storage and portability, and the headphone body is made of a protective soft material that prevents cable damage. This model is also available in white, but has a different model number: see below.

  • 1.2m cable
  • Bass vent hole
  • 6 Hz - 23.5kHz response
  • 105dB sensitivity
  • Cable winder
  • Angled speakers improve clarity
  • Interchangeable earcups
  • Earcups provide isolation and comfort
  • Flexible housing promotes durability
Model Variations
  • SHE9551/28: White
  • SHE9550/28: Black
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