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Philips SHE3580/28 are an entry-level pair of in-ear headphones and have a very low price point.

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Not bass bloated like many budget earphones

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A good upgrade over stock earbuds included with music players

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Great value overall in terms of quality of materials (cable), sound quality, and accessories included

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Offers a more neutral sound than most budget earphones (keeping in mind these are $19 earphones)

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Stiff wires that can be noisy at times (wind, wire movements)

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Treble can be too bright for some which can be fatiguing for long hours of listening

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Not very comfortable even with the choice of 3 ear tips and its small size

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 Philips SHE3580/28 are an entry-level pair of in-ear headphones and have a very low price point. They have a compact design with large rubber earcups that help isolate sound and provide a comfortable fit. The cable is 1.2 metres long and the connections have a soft rubber housing to prevent damage to the cable. The headphones are compact and efficient and provide comfort over long periods of use, and their small drivers can lengthen battery life. These headphones are available in a variety of colours, though the model number changes with each colour - see below for details. These do not come with a cable winder or carrying pouch like many other basic Philips models.

  • Rubber earcups isolate noise
  • Comfortable for long periods of use
  • Compact form facto
  • Rubber housing protectors
  • 3 included cap sizes
  • 1.2 m cable
  • 12Hz - 23.5kHz response
  • 102 dB sensitivity
  • Low price point
Model Variations
  • SHE3580/28: Black
  • SHE3582/28: Blue/Cyan
  • SHE3583/28: Magenta/Yellow
  • SHE3584/28: Purple/Cyan
  • SHE3585/28: Red/Orange
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