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Philips' SHB6000/28 is a mid-range headset and one of only two wireless Bluetooth models that they offer.

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audio quality is good enough for general purposes

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good range on them, can walk a few feet away from the device you're using without a problem

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completely sweat and rain proof, good waterproofing

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power connector is built fairly flimsy, will often break within the first few months

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won't stay on your head at all if you're also wearing sunglasses

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buttons are a little tricky to use when its on your ear

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will tend to shift and fall off if you run with them

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won't form a good seal on your ear canal as you move, noticeable drop in volume level as a result

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fitting them is a bit tricky, need to read the instructions

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 Philips' SHB6000/28 is a mid-range headset and one of only two wireless Bluetooth models that they offer. These headphones have an over-ear design with silicon earcups to isolate sound and provide comfort. They also have a microphone and can be used as a headset with a compatible Bluetooth 2.1 mobile phone. Main features include that they are sweat proof and washable, have wireless call answering and management, and volume control. The speakers are angled directly at the user's eardrums for greater clarity and isolation. This model is very similar to the 2011 version, the SHB6017/28. Most features are similar, but this one has a shorter standby battery life and also a shorter effective range, 10m instead of 15. Also, this version's earcups are yellow instead of red.

  • Bluetooth 2.1 compatible
  • Integrated microphone
  • Call/music switching
  • Track, volume and call controls
  • Isolating silicon earcups (includes 3 different sized pairs)
  • Washable and sweatproof
  • Ideal for exercise
  • 4.5h playback battery life, 120h standby
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 12 - 22 000Hz frequency response
  • Adjustable ear hooks
  • Includes carrying pouch
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