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The Philips SBCHN110/37 are a pair of mid-range over-ear headphones designed specifically for travel use.

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Steel-reinforced headband adjustment significantly reduces risk of damage - much preferred to similar products that feature all-plastic construction

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Active noise cancellation is very effective - blocks out a considerable amount of ambient sound for functional use with or without music

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Faux-leather ear cups are soft firmly attached - not as highly-prone to premature wear/flaking as lower-quality competitors

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Foldable design is great for travel purposes/portability - unit folds up in a fast, easy manner

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Sound quality is excellent at the price point - sealed, circum-aural design provides balanced frequency outputting with powerful low-end

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Unit tends to fit too tightly, regardless of headband adjustment - not recommended for long-term listening

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Dual-attached cable design increases likelihood of tangling - may limit unit lifespan through reckless winding practice

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The Philips SBCHN110/37 are a pair of mid-range over-ear headphones designed specifically for travel use. They feature active noise reduction, high-quality drivers with neodymium magnets and a full-sized, padded earshell design. Additionally, the SBCHN110/37s sport a foldable headband design and come included with airplane and 6.35mm adapters for use with most audio systems.

The SBCHN110/37s' active noise reduction system produces an opposite waveform to surrounding noises, effectively cancelling them out for a more isolated listening experience, even in noisy public areas. Their high-quality drivers and neodymium magnets provide the SBCHN110/37s with even sound quality with a strong bass end. Meanwhile, the SBCHN110/37s' foldable headband design allows them to be transported easily with reduced risk of damage.

  • Active noise reduction
  • High-quality drivers
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Full-sized, padded earshell design
  • Foldable headband design
  • Airplane and 6.35mm adapters
  • Additional accessories: battery and carrying pouch
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