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Included also is a strain-resistant, tangle-free cable and reinforced aluminum connectors.

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The cord does a good job of not tangling up

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The interface with the ipod is simple and well built

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Produces good quality sound

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Not the most comfortable in-ear earbuds on the market- especially after an extended period of time

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Will fall out of your ear while doing exercise- worse than the white apple ones

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The Philips Covert is one of two ultra-durable high performance in-ear, earbud headphones designed via a collaboration between Philips Electronics and California-based surfwear manufacturer O’Neill. In particular, the Covert includes dynamic 13mm drivers, iPod/iPhone/iPad controls (track, volume, mic), and noise-isolating ear caps. Included also is a strain-resistant, tangle-free cable and reinforced aluminum connectors. Unlike the vibrant Specked model, the Covert model comes in just a single-color, as it’s intended to be discreet—yet strong and sturdy for long-lasting use.

  • Ultra-Durable, High Performance Earbud Headphones
  • Dynamic 13mm Drivers
  • Tangle-Free Cable
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad Controls
  • Soft Ear Cups w/Noise Isolation
  • Single Color Design
  • Designed to be Discreet
  • SHO4507/28 (Code Green)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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12/08/2011 04:14

I purchased these for AU$34 and overall they're a great product.
Standard Y-Cable and Open Ear-Bud with a neat fontopia style isolator is a nice touch.

Pros; Clear sound and smooth bass, tangle free cord with suitable length and very comfortable when compared with the standard ear-buds. Good all-round range for a variety of music, with acoustics sounding especially good.
These are very durable earphones, you can pull and twist the connector pieces (iphone end and mic end) and it feels flexible and supportive.. very nice touch.

Cons; The colour, yuck - I understand the correlation between the surf brand and aqua, but maybe sand would've been a better option - or sky blue, both are still relevant!

During sport activity the cable will give off a sound when rubbed against anything - not a big issue, but it is worth noting for those who like to do a low impact activity like walking, with the sound up about half way.. For those who like to run and have music up louder, you'll be fine!

Why you'd buy these; You're sick of white, want a reliable and durable pair of buds and looking for a better sound while still being able to hear what's going on around you.

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