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Beautifully designed with an interactive laser toy, your pets will enjoy regular playtime and exercise.

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Petcube is an interactive pet camera that lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone when you’re away from home. Beautifully designed with an interactive laser toy, your pets will enjoy regular playtime and exercise. No more sad goodbyes! Now your furry friends are just one tap away.

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  • View live video in HD with a wide angle lens
  • Chat and listen using 2-way audio
  • Exercise and play with a built-in laser toy
  • Customize access for friends and family
  • Capture and share photos and videos
  • Engage with pet lovers worldwide
  • Requires free Petcube Mobile App.
  • iOS and Android compatible. Android (4.0 or greater)
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Elegant Technology Designed to Stand Out

Beautifully designed with brushed aluminum and curved corners, the Petcube camera is an elegant, high quality device that you can be proud to put in any room. You will love the way your Petcube looks as much as you love using it to interact with your pets.

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Share your furry loved ones with others in real time

Petcube App is the first free mobile application for iOS and Android that enables real time interaction with adorable pets, even for users who don’t have the Petcube Camera. Through Petcube App, people share access to their Petcube Cameras and share photos of their pets, find new friends and get inspired with cute pet photos.

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Check in on your furry friend

Access and control the Petcube Camera through our mobile app for iOS or Android and check on the live HD broadcast.

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Play and interact remotely

To activate a real laser toy on the camera, drag your finger across your phone screen or simply point to the area you would like the laser to go.

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Be a part of the community

Engage and join the conversation with thousands of pet lovers across the globe. Share your photos & videos, tips and experiences with fellow pet lovers.

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What's Included

  • Petcube Camera
  • US-plug Power Adaptor
  • Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How clear is the image and is it difficult to connect to your home internet?

    It's not difficult to connect the device to your home network unless you're using a firewall, MAC address filtering or other security settings on the router, which makes it a little more difficult to connect not only for Petcube but for any other device you want to connect to your network.

  • Is this product available for Europe ?

    Yes, it will work perfectly fine in Europe but since it comes with American type of plug at this moment, you will need to use a US to EU plug adapter.

  • What happens when the laser loses battery?

    Actually, there is no battery inside of a Petcube Camera or a separate battery on the laser. The device has to be plugged into the power source and connected to Wi-Fi to work properly.

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