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2 patented heavy-duty rotating pushup handles, downloadable Navy SEAL inspired 2-minute drills.

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Increased pushup difficulty

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Hard ribbed handles

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Perfect Pushup Elite's patented rotating handles allow your arms to move naturally, the same way they do when you throw a punch or press up a dumbbell. Engage more muscles. Invented by a US Navy SEAL.

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  • Engages more muscles
  • Built to last construction
  • Smooth rotation - steel ball bearing system
  • Weight Vest ready, 400-Pound weight capacity
  • Formally called the Perfect V2 Pushup
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this product come with workout suggestions, etc. ?

    It does not, but if you go to they give a lot of videos and suggestions on how to do some exercises. If that fails you always have private you tube members who like posting workout videos.

  • What are the variations of pushups you can do with these? Is it you spin the handles when going down from the pushup?

    You can do basically any kind of pushup you want to do, including variations where your feet are elevated. The three basic pushups normally do are standard, narrow, and wide, based on how far apart your hands are when you start. The wide pushup varies in that the handles should be parallel rather than perpendicular to your body in the starting position, and as you lower yourself, you will naturally rotate to a perpendicular position. The narrow and standard pushups are the opposite: begin perpendicular and rotate parallel as you lower yourself down.

  • What is the difference between the elite and the basic?

    The Elites are better construction, smoother motion on the twist, and the grips are made of a spiral pattern rubber, they are still comfortable enough to make the Elites a much better product overall.

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