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The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro will carve your core and help you get ripped abs and sculpted arms.

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The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro will carve your core and help you get ripped abs and sculpted arms. The kinetic "engine" uses a carbon steel spring to turbocharge your abdominal and arm workouts. It provides resistance as you roll out and assistance when you roll back. The ultra-wide tread provides maximum stability when carving left, right, and center. Ergonomic hand grips are angled to help activate arm and core muscles. Download the digital workout to get a 21-day plan to a stronger core and sculpted arms. The workout is designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced.

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  • KINETIC ENGINE Carbon Steel Spring turbo-charges abdominal and arm workouts
  • ULTRA-WIDE WHEEL Stabilizes movement to carve left, right and center
  • PERFORMANCE GRIPS Rubberized, non-slip ergonomic grips for stability control
  • FOAM KNEEPAD High-density foam for superior comfort
  • Digital workout
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3 Rules of Carving

  • Quality Not Quantity - Proper form is critical for best results. Stay focused. Keep your core tight.
  • Learn Your Limits - Carving is an intense exercise, especially the first time you try it. It is not unusual to feel sore after your first carving workout. This is a tough exercise and it will take time to build your core.
  • Take It Slow - Carving is not about speed, it's about slow and controlled muscle contractions. Pace yourself. Moving slowly lets you focus on maintaining proper form and getting results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it help a person with a sore back?

    This device mainly works the abs - but there's more research showing that people with back trouble have weaker multifidus muscles - check out Treat Your Own Spinal Stenosis for ex's.

  • Does it come with the knee pads as shown in video?

    Yes it comes with the knee pads as shown.

  • Work on carpet?

    Yes, it works fine. Resistance will probably go up as the carpet gets thicker. You will probably leave a pattern in the carpet as well since it is a repetitive motion and you are putting a lot of pressure on it as you roll.

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