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The Penny complete skateboard is a throw back design referencing skate boarding's beginnings in the 1970's.

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It's classic design and construction is a retro replication of where the skateboard came from. The small design makes this board a ideal cruiser to get you any where you need to go. Whether it is going to check the surf, or kicking to school the Penny complete will get you where you want to go in style. Once at school the small design allows it fit right in your locker. This complete features soft wheels perfect for sucking up all those sidewalk cracks and giving you that smooth ride you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it good for tricks?

    Yes but not as maneuverable as a bigger board.

  • What is the weight limit for this board?

    There isn't really a weight limit. If i had to say just to be safe maybe 200 pounds but, The penny taking even more since it is meant to bend and not break.

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Color Options

Space Navy, Black Deck/Rasta Trucks/Red Wheels, Red/White/Cyan, Cyan Deck/White Trucks/Red, Wheels, Glow in the dark, Tie Dye, Lilac/Lemon/Mint, Floral Black, Purple/Black/Pink, Space, Baja Pink, Orange/Yellow/Green, Peach / Lilac / Mint, Hunting, Hunting Green, Pendleton Pre-Built Complete, Pink/White/Purple, Glow/Raw/Black Pink Swirl, Black, Black/Pink/Pink, Blue/Yellow/Green Black Swirl, Buffy Pink, Canary Painted Fade, Candy, Dusk Painted Fade, Flag, Fluoro Green/Blue/Red Yellow Swirl, Fluoro, Orange, Glow/Black/Orange, Jammin Painted Fade, Pendelton Surge Blue, Pendleton Pink, Pink, Pink/Yellow/Black Glitter, Purple/Green/Purple, Purple Deck/Yellow Trucks/Green Wheels, Red Deck /Black, Trucks/White Wheels, Spike Orange, Turquoise, Woodstock, Yellow/Black/Red, Fireworks, Marble Yellow
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