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It is a sturdy twin stroller practical for walks in any situation and on any ground due to its 4 sets of double wheels.

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back foot pad goes up and locks to create a "bassinet" type enclosure, keeps the baby safe

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seats are very roomy for the little ones, will last a long time as they grow

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sun canopies do a good job protecting from the sun

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easy to maneuver, has a fairly tight turning radius

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takes some practice to figure out how to close it properly

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storage baskets under the seats don't hold much

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very heavy construction, takes some muscle to haul it in/out of the trunk

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front seat is tough to recline if you have a kid in the back

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really long construction, not great in tight spots

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The Peg Perego Tender CSR is a sturdy twin stroller practical for walks in any situation and on any ground due to its 4 sets of double wheels. Designed for newborns, infants, and toddlers, the Peg Perego Tender CSR features a lightweight, aluminum chassis and all-wheel suspension with front swivel wheels and rear wheel brakes. In addition, the Tender CSR is travel compatible in that up to one car seat (sold separately) can be attached directly to the chassis. Plus, the Tender CSR boasts 5-point freedom-of-movement harnesses for security and well-being for children, front child trays and adult cup holders, large removable hoods that zip open for ventilation, luxury padded and spacious seats, and a removable & hand washable upholstery. The Tender CSR also features a height-adjustable handlebar, Ganciomatic bases that easily fasten and unfasten, a zipper hood that turns into a sun canopy, and tread/shock absorbers. The Peg Perego Tender CSR retails for $649.99 and comes with a 6 month limited warranty.

  • 4 Sets of Double Wheels
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • All-Wheel Suspension
  • Front Swivel Wheels
  • Rear Wheel Brakes
  • Car Seat Compatible
  • 5-Point Harnesses
  • Front Child Trays
  • Adult Cup Holders
  • Zipper Hood
  • Luxury Seats
  • Removable/Washable Upholstery
  • Height-Adjustable Handlebar
  • Ganciomatic Bases
  • Zipper Hood
  • Tread/Shock Absorbers
  • 6 Month Limited Warranty
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