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OK to Wake, glows a soft yellow in the evening and turns green in the morning at the time parent's specify.

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OK to Wake, glows a soft yellow in the evening and turns green in the morning at the time parent's specify. Kids take pride in waiting for the green light before they come visit mom and dad with the knowledge of a job well-done. This ingenious product is a life-saver for sleep-deprived parents for whom every extra moment of sleep is a luxury. Kid-friendly shape, parent-friendly design - kids love pressing the fun "toe" buttons which invoke funny facial animations on the LCD. Cleverly concealed parental control panel provides access to clock settings and instructions. Handy "Nap Timer" allows parents to put kids down for a nap without disrupting other settings. For older kids who want to get up "on their own", OK to Wake. is also an alarm clock with Snooze function - just like mom and dad's. Comes with both green bug and pink flower face plates for a boy or a girl. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included), no power adapter needed. Easy to set up and use.

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  • Auto-Off : To save energy, the yellow and green night-lightswill turn off automatically after a period of time (30minutes by default).This setting may be customized by tapping theAUTO-OFF button (0:15, 0:30, 1:00, 1:30 or 2:00).When the desired setting is displayed, stoptapping the AUTO-OFF button. After a momentthe clock resumes ordinary time display, and thenew auto-off setting is locked in.
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In a Nutshell…

OK to Wake! is an adorable bedside alarm clock, nap timer and dual-color night-light. Two fun faceplates and wacky animations give OK to Wake! a personality all its own. Fully battery operated.

  • "OK to Wake!" Dual-Color Night-Light. OK to Wake! glows a soft yellow in the evening and then "Green means GO!" Toddlers quickly learn to wait for the green light before getting up in the morning to visit with mom and dad.

  • Nap Timer. This handy feature is fully programmable and won't disrupt ordinary morning settings. Naps conclude with a silent green light, an audible alarm or both!

  • "Grown Up" Alarm Clock with Snooze. Just like mom and dad's with a real snooze! Alarm clock functions may be used in conjunction with or instead of the "OK to Wake!" night-light.

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"OK to Wake!" – What it is & How it Works

The "OK to Wake!" green light is a simple, easy-to-understand, visual indicator that informs your toddler when it's time to come visit mom and dad. Kids quickly learn to doze back to sleep or to play quietly in their room until "Green means GO!" Here's why it works. Toddlers enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a job well done. "OK to Wake!" is something that can be completed successfully every day and is positively reinforced by the greatest reward of all - coming to see you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a spot for a power cord? Can you buy a cord separately to avoid using so many batteries?

    No power cord, but one set of batteries typically lasts 4-6 months.

  • Can you set the "okay to wake" time for a different time than the alarm?

    There is the ok to wake alarm, which is just it turning green which can be changed to whatever time you want, there is also an actual sound alarm that you can set for a different time or same time and a nap timer that you can set for however many hours your child usually sleeps for that you start at the beginning of naps.

  • Can you turn the yellow night light off and only use the "green" for the wake up time?

    Yep. You have to manually turn on the yellow light anyways.

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