The Paradigm UltraCube 10 is a mid-grade sub-woofer designed for use in a high definition home theater environment.

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The Paradigm UltraCube 10 is a mid-grade sub-woofer designed for use in a high definition home theater environment. The UltraCube 10 model takes its basic form factor and specifications from its predecessor and higher end model the UltraCube 12; the UltraCube 10 is basically just a smaller clone. The UltraCube 10 includes a single 10" base driver cone and two 9" radiators which work together to produce "excellent sound with the absence of resonant background noise".

Paradigm claims the UltraCube is more specifically manufactured to provide "enhanced performance in a compact size".  The UltraCube 10 sub-woofer includes a 1950 watt dynamic peak limit combined with a 40Hz -150Hz cut-off variable frequency. For added control; the UltraCube 10 includes an auto on/off function, a sub-woofer level switch, and an additional USB port for added compatibility. Like it's higher end model, the Paradigm UltraCube 10 sub-woofer includes both a ventilation system and an installed heatsync which allow the interior to maintain a cool temperature during operation. The body of the UltraCube 10 device is manufactured from wood materials on the exterior and includes a die-cast aluminum interior which is designed to provide "exceptional acoustic resonances". The wood exterior is adorned in a matte finish which Paradigm calls "Black Ash".

  • Mid-grade Sub-woofer
  • Smaller and Cheaper clone of UltraCube 12
  • Meant for HD Home Theater Applications
  • Single Bass Driver; Dual Radiators (9")
  • 1950 Watt Maximum
  • Cut-Off Frequency: 40Hz-150Hz
  • High Power Amplifier
  • Available ONLY in Black Ash
  • Control Features
    • Auto On/Off
    • Sub-woofer Level Switch
  • Inputs
    • USB Port
    • Line-level Input
  • Amplifier: 1950 watts Dynamic Peak / 650 watts RMS
    • Features: Auto-On / Off, soft clipping, thermal protection, electrical shorting protection
  • Bass Driver:
    • 254-mm (10 in) RCR mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cone
    • 31-mm (1-1/2 in) bifilar 2+2-layer voice-coil
      • dual spiders
      • AVS die-cast heatsink chassis
  • Radiators
    • Dual 229-mm (9 in) balanced-plane
    • high-velocity passive radiators
  • Low Frequency Extension: 22 Hz (DIN)
  • Sub-woofer Cut-off Frequency: Variable 40 Hz - 150 Hz
  • Sub/ Sat Phase Alignment: Variable 0° - 180°
  • Line-Level Inputs
    • RCA (L/R-Mono) for L/R Line-Out
    • Sub-Out / LFE-Out of receiver
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 32.8 cm (12-15/16")
    • Width: 29.1 cm (11-1/2")
    • Depth: 29.1 cm (11-1/2")
    • Weight: 13.3kg/ 29 lb.
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