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The Paradigm Monitor 7 v. 5 are floorstanding speakers as part of the v. 5 Monitor series of speakers.

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Excellent sound quality

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Affordable, high quality speakers

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High efficiency speaker (can go very loud)

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very clear vocals

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Available in three finishes (Black Ash, Rosenut, Cherry)

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5-year warranty

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2 1/2 crossover design with 4 drivers

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slim cabinet design

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can be used in both small or larger rooms

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better for home theater than dedicated music listening

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Rear facing vent ports prevent placing too close to wall

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Not a true 3-way crossover design as found in competitor

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bass and midrange performance can be lacking

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The Paradigm Monitor 7 v.5 are floorstanding speakers as part of the v.5 Monitor series of speakers. This v.5 lineup began appearing in Canadian and US dealers in November of 2006, and while Paradigm pricing is guarded, these speakers have been selling between $550 and $800 for a pair in both the United States and Canada. The Monitor 7s are 2 1/2-way speakers with 4-drivers. The high-frequency driver is a 25-mm (1 in) H-PTD ferro-fluid cooled dome tweeter; it features a single 5 1/2" mid-range/bass M-ICP cone, and 2 x 5 1/2" polypropylene dedicated bass drivers. These speakers are rated up to a 130 Watts of input power and feature a room sensitivity of 94 dB. The step-up model is the floor-standing Monitor 9, and the step-down model is the Monitor Titan bookshelf. Refer to the Monitor v.5 report for information about the complete product line.

  • Design: 4-driver, 2-1/2-way bass reflex,quasi-3rd-order resistive port, MagneShield
  • Crossover(s): 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 2.0 kHz, 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 700 Hz (lower bass drivers)    
  • High-Frequency Driver(s): 25-mm (1 in) H-PTD dome,ferro-fluid cooled    
  • Bass / Midrange Driver(s): 140-mm (5-1/2 in) M-ICP cone,25-mm (1 in) voice coil, GRIP chassis    
  • Bass Driver(s): Two 140-mm (5-1/2 in) carbon-infused polypropylene cones, 25-mm (1 in) voice coils, GRIP chassis    
  • Low-Frequency Extension: 41 Hz (DIN)    
  • Frequency Response On-Axis: ±2 dB from 54 Hz - 20 kHz    
  • Frequency Response 30° Off-Axis: ±2 dB from 54 Hz - 15 kHz    
  • Sensitivity - Room / Anechoic: 94 dB / 91 dB    
  • Suitable Amplifier Power Range: 15 - 180 watts    
  • Maximum Input Power†: 130 watts    
  • Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms    
  • Internal Volume: 25.7 L / 0.90 cu ft    
  • Height, Width, Depth: 93.8 cm x 16.5 cm x 29.8 cm (36-15/16 in x 6-1/2 in x 11-3/4 in)
  • Weight (Unpacked): 33.6 kg / 74 lb per pair    
  • Finishes: Cherry, Rosenut, Black Ash
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03/31/2008 02:52

I did some research on AVS Forum by counting what kind of speakers most people own. Here are the top 5 brands:

1-Polk Audio
3-Definitive Technology

My brand of choice is Paradigm, but I'm intrigued by Def Tech and Infinity as well. I think that Polk is the leader not because quality but rather, availability. It can be hard to find Paradigm's in store. Also, since Paradigm is Canadian, they don't have the noteriety in the US as they do here in Canada.

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