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The Millenia 20 speakers are sold individually for $499 apiece and can serve as front, center or surround channels.

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comes with wall-mounting hardware

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can also be used as a center channel speaker by positioning on its side

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good midrange vocals and dialogue

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slender design will compliment a flat-panel TV

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good quality speaker connectors

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Great sound for the price (ie, high value)

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need a subwoofer for deep bass response

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not powerful enough for large rooms

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Paradigm has created a new line of speakers designed to accent your decor just as well as deliver great sound for your home theater system. The Millenia 20 speakers are sold individually for $499 apiece and can serve as front, center or surround channels. There are many ways to incorporate these speakers into your home theater, including matching them with their floor-standing counterpart, the Millenia 200. In an extreme case you can use them for fronts, centers, and surrounds.

The Millenia 20 speakers are a 5 driver, 2-way, magnetically shielded speaker that can handle up to 110W. They include a 1" (25 mm) satin-anodized pure-aluminum dome tweeter, two 4.5" (115 mm) mica loaded co-polymer mid-range drivers, and two 4.5" (115 mm) mineral-filled polypropylene bass drivers.

These speakers, as well as the complete Millenia line, are available in stylish polished aluminum, and black chrome finishes. They have a bracket so that they can be wall-mounted. Optional table-top speaker stands must be purchased to have these speakers standing vertically on a surface, and will lie horizontally (as a center channel) with the included pads. 25-7/8" tall by 5-1/8" wide by 4-5/8" deep and weigh 12.6 lbs.

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03/09/2007 01:39

These would like and sound great in your home theater next to or on top of your TV. I'm a huge fan of Paradigm, and while I haven't heard these in person, people have said awesome things about these. Consider these speakers (and the 200s) if you're building out a home theater. My only problem with these that because of their angled sides/bottoms you can't use vertically without stands or wall mounting. Silly.

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