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Panasonic CQ-C7105U is a car media player that has extensive graphic display capacity priced at $129.

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controls are simple and easy to work out

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sound quality is clear and well-defined, makes the most of OEM speakers

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radio reception is great with even weaker signals sounding good

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displays plenty of information at once

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graphics look nice, provides an interesting background

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display is sometimes hard to read, backgrounds can be distracting

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many of the buttons are a bit small and hard to find until you get used to them

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Panasonic CQ-C7105U is a car media player that has extensive graphic display capacity priced at $129, and comes in the mid-range of the Panasonic CQ car media player series. It has 3D rendered action graphics thanks to four-level full-dot (160 x 54) capability. It has three motion patterns including the Panasonic F1 race car and snow board, and 10 still-pattern presets.  The background can be customized (motion/still image), and users can customize opening and ending screens using their own images. There is the option of extending the digital library with the expansion model (CY-EM100U, sold separately), which connects the player with iPod┬«, XM or Sirius satellite radio receiver, Bluetooth┬« hands-free cell phone kit, DVD/CD changer, video camera or video game system all at the same time.

The CQ-C7105U also plays CD-R/RW discs containing AAC, WMA and MP3 music files in addition to standard music CDs, it also plays CDs with mixed format forms. There is a a four-channel MOS-FET high-power built-in amp that delivers 50 watts to each speaker for a 200W total output, with 5V pre-amp outputs to the front and rear speakers and subwoofer.  The only difference between this model and the Panasonic CQ-C7105U is the pre-amp voltage (5 vs 2.5). 

  • MOS-FET high-power amp (50W x 4 max.)
  • SQ7 (7-band Sound Quality)
  • 5 V/60 ohms preamp-out (front, rear, subwoofer)
  • Adjustable HPF and LPF (Crossover)
  • SBC-SW (Super Bass Controlled Subwoofer)
  • Satellite radio ready
  • 18 FM and 6 AM presets
  • AAC/WMA/MP3 playback from CD-R/RW discs
  • DVD/CD changer control
  • Customizable 3DDM (3D dot matrix) display
  • Expansion module ready
  • iPod ready
  • Rotary knob control
  • Hands-free phone system ready
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Motorized and removable full front panel
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