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The Panasonic CQ-C5405U is a car Player/Receiver with CD Changer Control and 2-Line Text Display.

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very low cost for a head unit with a sound this clear

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good power output, can get really loud without any external amp

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can customize the display to match your other dashboard lights

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easy to adjust the EQ on the fly

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audio clarity is excellent through the lows, mids and highs

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has a separate subwoofer level making expansion with aftermarket subs much easier to work with

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need to change the EQ every time you change music types, makes a big difference

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The Panasonic CQ-C5405U is a car Player/Receiver with CD Changer Control and 2-Line Text Display. A scrolling two-line text display switches between folder and file names, title and artist names, and other tag information— up to 128 characters. There is also random play, repeat and intro scan (first 10 seconds of each song) within a particular folder or across the entire disc. There is the option of extending the digital library with the expansion model (CY-EM100U, sold separately), which connects the player with iPod®, XM or Sirius satellite radio receiver, Bluetooth® hands-free cell phone kit, DVD/CD changer, video camera or video game system all at the same time. The CQ-C5405U also plays CD-R/RW discs containing AAC, WMA and MP3 music files in addition to standard music CDs. 

  • MOS-FET high-power amp (50W x 4 max.)
  • Re-Master
  • SQ3 (3-band Sound Quality)
  • 4V/60 ohms preamp-out (front, rear, subwoofer)
  • Satellite radio ready
  • 8 FM and 6 AM presets
  • AAC/WMA/MP3 playback from CD-R/RW discs
  • CD changer control
  • Variable 7 colors display
  • Expansion module ready
  • iPod ready
  • Rotary knob control
  • Hands-free phone system ready
  • Front AUX input (music port for digital audio players)
  • Removable full front panel
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