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The Panasonic NN-SD797 is a 1.6 cu. Ft. Microwave from Panasonic's Countertop/Built-in lineup.

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Quality construction--all the buttons, knobs, the door and its release mechanism feel solid.

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Cooks food very evenly with no hot or cold spots.

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Its popcorn mode actually works really well, never burns even a single kernel.

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The rotating tray is well-designed--even with lopsided loads, it spins smoothly.

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The large control dial is intuitive, simplifies use.

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Known for having a faulty inverter that conks out after only a few months of use.

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Can't add time to a currently running cycle--a common feature amongst most modern microwaves.

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The Panasonic NN-SD797 is a 1.6 cu.ft. microwave from Panasonic's Countertop/Built-in lineup.  The microwave features Panasonic's Inverter technology which cooks the food evenly throughout and has a Turbo Defrost setting which defrosts food faster.  It includes a convenient keep warm setting to keep the food heated until it is time to serve.  The microwave also has a more advanced Genius Sensor which automatically adjusts the power level and cooking time to properly cook the food.  The NN-SD797 differs with the NN-SD787 since it is designed with a flashing blue ring dial for easy programming, touch button panel, and a blue 6-digit extended LED display.  It also includes a quick minute feature for fast reheats and has a multi-lingual menu action screen that provides simplified cooking instructions in English, Spanish or French.  The microwave is available in a stainless steel finish and has a suggested retail price of $240.

  • 1.6 cu.ft. Internal Capacity
  • Inverter Technology
  • Inverter Turbo Defrost
  • Keep Warm Setting
  • One-Touch Sensor Cooking
  • Flashing Blue Ring Dial with Button Panel
  • Genius Sensor
  • Multi-Lingual Menu Action Screen /w Function Key
  • Quick Minute Feature
  • Blue 6-Digit Extended LED Display
  • Countertop or Built-in Design
  • Cooking Power: 1250 Watts
  • Dimensions: 12 x 21 x 19
  • NN-SD797S - Stainless Steel
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