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The ES8103S is a rechargeable wet / dry shaver made by Panasonic.

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Shave wet or dry (with or without lather)

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Performance matches and exceeds some pricier electric shavers

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Razor sharp: provides a clean shave

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Automatic cleaning dock

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Adjustable Pivoting head for closer shave

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Simple and clear battery life indicator

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The foil cover gets a little warm if you run it too long (7-8 minutes or more)

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Can be loud during operation

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The ES8103S is a rechargeable wet / dry shaver made by Panasonic.  It features a thin vibrating outer foil, 3 multi-arc blades, a fast Linear Motor Drive, and a flexible head.  Additional features of Panasonic ES8103S are a full pop-up trimmer for moustaches and sideburns, a fully automatic HydraClean cleaning system, LCD screen display, easy grip, and an ergonomic design.  This Panasonic Shaver has a charging time of 1 hour with an approximate shave number of 14 times per charge.  The ES8103S will shave wet or dry, and comes in the colour silver/black.  The Panasonic ES8103S is a high end shaver with a 1 year warranty.

The outer foil is only 41 micrometers, and uses vibrations to lift the hair follicle to prevent cutting.  Additionally, the blades are positioned at a 30 degree angle to assist in a closer shave.  The patented Linear Motor Drive runs at 13,000 RPM, powered by AC 100-240V.  Optional Accessories include a Travel Pouch and an AC Recharger, as well as replacement foils and blades.

Key Features
  • Shaves Wet or Dry
  • 41 Micrometer Outer Foil
  • 4 Blades
  • Linear Motor Drive of 13,000 RPM
  • Flexible Pivot Head
  • HydraClean Cleaning System
  • Pop-Up Trimmer
  • 1 Hour Charge Time
  • 14 Shaves to a Charge
  • LCD Screen
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):  6.3" x 2.6" x 1.7"
  • Weight:  6.0 lbs
  • 'Good Housekeeping' Warranty - 1 Year
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