The Panasonic EP-MA51 Real Pro Collection Massage Chair is a high-end luxury lounger.

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The Panasonic EP-MA51 Real Pro Collection Massage Chair is a high-end luxury lounger that features new trunk rotation and pelvic tilt technologies. By combining a large seat air bag and a smaller air bag the EP-MA51 is able to twist and rotate the seat and thigh areas. The EP-MA51 also comes with an intensity control sensor to monitor and adjust the individual massage heads. 

The EP-MA51 uses body scan technology to create a virtual map of the users back; more specifically the chair scans the body and delivers a massage contoured to an individual users' spine curves. The Panasonic exclusive Junetsu massage mode is also featured on the EP-MA51; Junetsu delivers a spot focused massage by simulating the one second circular thumb motions of a massage therapist. The Shiatsu and Swedish style modes have also been included as part of the pre-programming along with several other modes. For professional massage therapy of the feet the EP-MA51 has been equipped with fully adjustable and removable plates to stimulate pressure points.  The EP-MA51 uses a 14 air bag system to deliver a more complete lower body massage of the calves. 

  • 52 massage modes
  • 22 air bags
  • 296 square inches air massage
  • 3 person memory capability
  • Float mechanism
  • Electronic intensity control
  • Speed control
  • Auto recline
  • Removable adjustable pillow
  • Massage Styles:
    • Junetsu
    • Shiatsu
    • Swedish
    • Kneading
    • Tapping
    • Rolling
    • Deep,
  • Soft and synthetic leather upholstery
  • Maximum user weight: 264 lbs
  • Minimum distance from the wall: 16"
  • AC 120V 60 Hz power source
  • 192 Watts power consumption
  • 170 degree recline angle
  • Ottoman extends up to 5"
  • 28.7" massage stroke
  • 2.8" - 8.3" massage width
  • 160 square inch upper body massage
  • Dimensions:
    • (H x W x D) 46.1" X 30.7" X 49.6"
  • Chair weight:
    • 155lbs

The actual model number of the aforementioned chair is Panasonic EP-MA51KU.

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