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The Panasonic SDR-H90 is an entry-level, compact camcorder that weighs just 300 grams.

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70x optical zoom

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70x optical zoom (more than you need)

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80GB internal storage capacity

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easy to use

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small and light

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SD/SDHC slot for cheap additional storage

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very poor colours, very poor sharpness, foggy image, bad foto quality (less than a phone camera) ( (in Xp-max.quality mode)

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not worth the extra $50 for 20GB more storage

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disk drive storage uses more power, creates more heat and is more prone to physical damage than solid state flash-based storage

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standard definition

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The Panasonic SDR-H90 is an entry-level, compact camcorder that weighs just 300 grams. The second of three Panasonic SDR-H camcorders, the Panasonic SDR-H90 is an upgrade from the Panasonic SDR-H80 in that it features an 80GB (versus 60GB) HDD. In all other ways, the SDR-H90 is practically an equivalent of its peer. For instance, the SDR-H90 also features a 0.8 megapixel sensor, a 70x optical zoom, a 100x digital zoom, and a 2.7” LCD display. In addition, the SDR-H90 boasts an SD/SDHC memory card port. Users have the option of recording video either onto the HDD or onto an SD card in MPEG-2 format. In fact, the HD can store up to 14-54 hours of video, whereas a typical 8GB SD card can store approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes of video. The SDR-H90 also includes Optical Image Stabilization, and Face Detection functions for smoother recording, not to mention a YouTube video mode for Internet-ready recording. The Panasonic SDR-H90 retails for a slightly more expensive $499.95 (versus $449.95) and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • Entry-Level
  • .8 Megapixel Sensor
  • 70x Optical Zoom
  • 100x Digital Zoom
  • 2.7” LCD Display
  • 80GB HDD
  • SD/SDHC Memory Card Port
  • Optical Image Stabiization
  • Face Detection
  • YouTube Video Mode
  • Available in Black
  • Weight: 300g
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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